Factory Zero?

Building and retrofitting can be done much faster, cheaper and more sustainable. This needs a radical change from traditional ways of building using 21th century software and technology. Factory Zero puts design, continuous innovation and industrial production processes at its core delivering a customer value never seen before. The current focus of building companies is mostly on delivering production capacity for it´s customers idea´s instead of it´s own solutions. This will be changed by Factory Zero. By delivering Net zero retrofits for the residential aswell as the rental market that can be deliverd in day´s and are cheaper than most tradionally retrofits we expect to become market leader in the coming five years.

Retrofitting industry

A huge retrofit market arises in the stabilising housing market in Europe. Demolishing of homes is hardly non-existing because of high property values although most of these homes do not satisfy even the basics of modern quality of life. The current retrofitting practice is that cumbersome that people rather continue living in them. Poor quality of work, high prices and extended periods of nuisance keep people away from the much needed home-makeover. The Netherlands is heading this market in Europe. From this strong base market Factory Zero will spread out to the European market. Factory Zero is positioned in this market with a conceptually designed retrofit package that fits around forty percent of all homes. It is delivered in days keeping nuisance to its minimum, prefabricated in a truly industrial way getting quality levels up and prices down, designed to modern consumer wishes and comes with a quality guarantee. These essential ingredients will make home makeovers acceptable, payable and simply cool to do! By setting Net Zero Energy as the technical minimum Factory Zero converts the current energy bill into a modern home.

Factory Zero's Role

Factory Zero produces and delivers complete home makeovers. Working in close cooperation with innovative players in the building supplies industry it will lead a continuous innovation process improving these retrofit packages. Multi disciplinary teams work on integrated facade technology, on-site sustainable energy production, clever heating and cooling systems and new production and assembly techniques. Factory Zero’s first home makeover will hit the market in 2017 revolutionising quality, functionality and price compared to the current practice.

Who is Factory Zero?

Factory Zero is founded by the pioneers in Net zero retrofitting in the Netherlands. Saturated with knowledge of high-end retrofitting, full of ideas for improvement, passionate about a new building industry that will arise and fed up with the conservative attitude and inertness of the current practice.

Our Partners

Factory Zero is convinced that improvement in price, quality and performance has to come from better components from the building supplies industry. As a systems integrator Factory Zero will lead a joint innovation process with its partners. Ambitious partners that share the believe in the new arising building industry and are able and competent to make a serious leap in innovation to get Net Zero retrofits to market. They have not been chosen for their current product portfolio but for their competences and technological knowledge needed for the development of innovative retrofit products and industrial production processes. The current partners in the strategic supply-network of Factory Zero:

  • BASF
  • ABB
  • STO
  • DC-Current
  • Renovatief
  • Brink Climate Systems

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