Factory Zero participeert in het Europese subsidieproject E=0 waarin een een consortium van bedrijven en kennisinstellingen uit vier landen (NL, UK, FR en LU) met elkaar samenwerken. Het project heeft een subsidie van 5,4 miljoen euro ontvangen waarvan Factory Zero zo’n 5% heeft gebruikt als bijdrage in de ontwikkelingskosten van de iCEM.


Project Summary

E=0 will support the development of home makeovers to net zero energy levels in FR, NL, UK and LUX.

E=0 will address poor energy performance of residential buildings by generating a new mass market for net zero energy retrofits across NWE. Current retrofit measures are piecemeal & not integrated to deliver whole-house warrantied performance. This trend is driven by the lack of holistic policies & compartmentalised funding.

E=0 is based on the successful Energiesprong programme in the Netherlands, delivering net zero energy (E=0) retrofits with a 30+ years performance warranty; installed within one week at a cost paid off by the guaranteed energy savings and maintenance costs (

A net zero energy house generates as much energy as is needed for the house and household appliances. This is possible by using new technologies such as prefabricated facades, insulated rooftops with solar panels and smart heating and cooling installations. After a Net Zero Energy makeover, the house takes on a modern appearance from the outside, while inside the house is free of moisture or drafts. The retrofit greatly improves quality & comfort, leading to wider urban renewal.

This game changing approach is based on aggregating demand from the housing supply side and letting them procure a performance-based product meeting this new standard. This challenges industry and their supply chain to innovate. To widen the opportunity for supply chain integration, this E=0 retrofit market must scale up to the NWE region.

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